How to Eat Healthy For the Busy

Long hours, persistent physical and mental stress, frequent travel, lots of driving on the road, boring office work – all the things that contribute to some of those poor choices when trying to grab a quick bite to eat.

Here is why it is tough:

  • There can be poor availability and access to healthy food choices. This is especially true on job sites that are littered with overpriced food trucks.
  • The cost of healthy food options – the inflation on healthy choices is insane compared to basic meat pie counterparts
  • The time to stop and eat a proper meal is minimal so snacks and quick bites is easier
  • The capacity to store food safely. Not everyone has access to a fridge or microwave.
  • Convenience – there is no doubt pre-packaged foods are soooo much easier

How do you change it: ORGANISATION!

Get yourself together prepare your lunch and snacks the night before, get a bigger lunch box or esky with plenty of ice bricks to accommodate your food and and get onto google and search for some healthy alternatives. Personally, we LOVE roasted chickpeas, nuts, homemade protein bars and banana breads.

One of our favourite places for some healthy lunchtime prep is the food medics lunchbox club. Super easy, simple and really tasty both cold and warm! Our tradie boss Chris eats these every week.

Also check out this PDF for some great healthy swaps!

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