Meditation and Relaxation

In this time of high stress and anxiety mindfulness has never been more important. Here at Triforce we regularly practice meditation. Do you know why we love meditation so much? You need absolutely no skills! The entire process is easy and straightforward.

5 Top Tips for Getting Started!

1. Make sure your environment is quiet! This is really hard with kids around and why we choose to do it just before bedtime every night. I have also been known to get my kids involved in a quick 5-10min session as well.

2. Get comfy – again at bedtime I’m always in my pyjamas and laying down with my pillows and blankets you can’t be more comfortable than that

3. Prepare some background music or meditate in silence. Spotify, YouTube, apple music – whatever your vice may be all have free guided meditation sessions or calming relaxation tracks. Apps like headspace and calm are also incredible tools

4. Lay down, chill out and focus on the breath. If the mind wanders and it will, be aware of this and just focus on breathing. Breathe normally and fall into a state of relaxation.

5. Another reason why I do this in bed because post mediation I just want to curl up and sleep I’m so relaxed I don’t want to move

For some more little tips and guidance head over to the headspace website.

Yours in Relaxation

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