Pizza Scrolls

Everybody loves a good pizza scroll! Whether it’s for an afternoon snack, part of a grazing platter, a starter, dinner or a lunch box sandwich alternative. They freeze well and kids love them! A good little way to get in a couple extra veggies.


The beauty of pizza is that you can literally use anything you want! Think of what is already in your fridge and may be starting to go bad – this is perfect for pizza. I elected for some bacon, leftover roast chicken from the night before, tomato, mushroom and onions. Then all you need to add is your choice of base sauce. I used normal pizza sauce, but you can easily use BBQ, satay, hummus, olive tapenade or pesto.

Top Tip: Less is more with pizza so don’t load them up with a million toppings or too much of each. The bread will go soggy and not rise properly.

For the bread

I use An Italian in my Kitchen for my go-to pizza dough recipe. I find it difficult to get the perfect rising dough in winter. If the slightly warm oven or microwave doesn’t work for you either, a little trick of mine: placing the oiled covered bowl in the boot of the car! Just don’t forget it’s in there before you go out driving – done that before, oooops. Thank goodness for pre-made dough. If you don’t want to purchase/ have all the ingredients this bread mix is really good.


You can always purchase a pre-done ball of dough from the grocery store. I have done many times before for pure convenience.


This recipe is also great using puff pastry! instead of the bread – super easy with none of the timely prep.


  1. Follow the link to make the dough OR follow the instructions on your pre-bought dough OR simply thaw a couple pieces of ready puff pastry.
  2. Turn the oven on at 200 degrees celsius
  3. Pre-cook any raw ingredients. Do this by placing them in a pan and fry until golden. The reason you need to do this is the dough cooks quickly so any raw ingredients won’t have time to cook in the oven.
  4. I added in some pizza sauce to my ingredients as well for extra flavour and thickness (easier for spreading)
  5. Once the raw ingredients are cooked, roll out the pizza dough in a rectangle shape
  6. Cover with the sauce of your choice
  7. Evenly spread the toppings over the bread/ pastry and top with some cheese. Make sure to leave some room around the edges for rolling purposes, otherwise half your toppings will be on the kitchen bench.
  8. Roll up your pizza bread and cut into scroll shapes (see pictures below)
  9. Place each scroll in the oven for approximately 20 min. Every oven is different so keep an eye on them. You want them nice and golden on the top
  10. Serve and enjoy, or freeze for school lunches =)

The process in the same with puff pastry – you just go straight to step 6


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