How to recycle your electronic waste

It’s important that you never dispose your e-waste or batteries in the bin! Why? To prevent the toxins inside these items from contaminating landfills. When burnt the chemicals can cause serious injuries such as cancer, kidney failure, genetic mutations and brain damage.

So how do you recycle them responsibly?

1. If it’s not broken, then re-sell or donate it to charities and women’s shelters in your area

2. Check out the Planet Ark for tips on how to recycle specific waste appropriately and safely

3. Then research local recycling agencies near you. Lot’s of business like Officeworks will recycle your batteries, old phones and ink cartridges. Harvey Norman and appliance online will take your old goods on purchase of a new one. These places then completely recycle and re-purpose materials.

4. Consume less! If you don’t have to upgrade, then don’t. Consider the environment in your purchasing options. Can you buy a re-purposed device?

5. Old air-cons, ceiling fans, lights, ovens etc if you book in a job with us we will take all this stuff away for you and dispose of it properly so you don’t have to worry. We also take away all the packaging of these materials.

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