How to save energy when gaming?

With an increase in technology and a boom in the gaming community, why not implement some simple steps on saving a couple $$$ on the bills

  1. The PlayStation 4 and X-Box One uses 3x the energy compared to older consoles. For the average player it adds $80 to your annual bill plus $20 for standby power. To help keep usage under control switch your unit to “energy saving mode” on the Xbox or “power save option” on the PlayStation. Better yet turn it off at the wall when you’re not home and charge the controllers via a USB charging port which we can install for you.
  2. The Nintendo Switch is incredibly energy efficient compared to other devices
  3. If you use your console for streaming services, consider switching to a laptop or Chromecast device for a fraction of the cost
  4. Use a monitor or TV with the highest energy rating you can find. It’s worth investing in appliances you use often.
  5. Use a console rather than the computer. Gaming PC’s can cost the equivalent of 3 refrigerators to run per year. We know that low screen resolution is a big NO for serious gamers so maybe think about investing in 80 Plus Power Supply and Dual-Core Processors
  6. Track your energy usage with apps! JouleBug will prompt you with energy saving tips that you can implement throughout your home.
  7. Get Triforce Electrical, your local brisbane Electrician to come and perform an electrical health report in your home. Let us show you how you can save come cash and make sure your gaming safely with no overloaded circuits that may cause fire, electrocution and other serious electrical faults in your home

Find the right professional electrician to help you! Do you require an electrical audit done as a way to try and save some $$$$ on your power bills? Triforce Electrical is a trusted, Brisbane local and professional business that can assist you with all of your residential electrical needs. If you would like some money saving solutions implemented into your home call us to discuss your electrical needs.



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