Lighting up Small Spaces

1. LED strip lighting: is lifesaver for small spaces. Its flexible and can be put just about anywhere you need subtle, ambient lighting, especially in bathrooms, kitchens and bedheads.

2. Track Lighting: not only is it becoming a huge design trend they are discreet and very versatile with the ability to angle to light exactly where you need it to be. There are so many different types out they also look incredible and don’t overwhelm spaces especially if you have low ceilings.

3. LED down lights and bar lights: sleek, sophisticated and pack a huge punch for lighting up spaces. Put them on a dimmer so you can control the amount of light you need.

4. Lamps: choose vertical floor lamps, take advantage of their height and high light output. They provide plenty of light without the need for much space or tables

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Find the right professional electrician to help you

Small spaces can be tricky to light up effectively and efficiently. Triforce Electrical is a trusted, Brisbane local and professional business that can assist you with all of your residential electrical needs. If you would like some lighting solutions put in place call us to discuss your electrical needs.


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