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Triforce Electrical and Air supplies, installs and services air-conditioning units in residential properties across Brisbane, the Bayside areas, and the northern suburbs of the Gold Coast.

Split-system air conditioners are the more traditional choice for QLD residents. They are usually easy to install, require minimum maintenance, and provide excellent energy efficiency compared to ducted units. They also come in a range of sleek contemporary designs that fit small spaces and blend well with your home’s decor.

Split system units:
  • are easy to install
  • require minimum maintenance
  • provide excellent energy efficiency compared to ducted units.

Why choose us for your air-conditioning needs?

Triforce Electrical and Air have been installing air-conditioners for many years, which means we have tried and tested every brand on the market.

We know how to troubleshoot all these branded units and we also know all the idiosyncrasies of the installation process that often outfoxes other installers.

An air-conditioner to suit your needs

We can source a wide range of air-conditioning units to suit your budget and the size of your rooms, all at very competitive prices.

Whether it’s just one small unit or a multi-head, we know how to make the install quick and efficient. We also provide yearly servicing and cleaning options, helping to maintain your air-conditioners in top shape.

Licensed by Australian Refrigeration Council

We are fully licensed

Triforce Electrical and Air provide a lifetime warranty on our workmanship (the actual unit warranties differ between brands), and all of our air-conditioning technicians are fully licensed and insured.

We are an authorised Australian Refrigeration Council (ARC) business (Licence Number L114709: RSS03**)

Frequently Asked Questions

Triforce Electrical and Air can provide and install any brand of air-conditioner you choose. We have listed the brands we recommend below, based on our 15 years of experience. We believe they are the best in value, efficiency, longevity and warranty. To help you select an air-conditioner that suits your budget, we have listed these units by price category (premium, medium and budget). You should also consider running costs and the efficiency of each unit, before making your final decision. We can help you to decide which type of unit is best for your situation, but if you want the best bang for your buck, we recommend the premium units.

  • Premium quality: Mitsubishi Electric, Mitsubishi Heavy Industries, Daikin
  • Medium quality: Fujitsu, Panasonic
  • Budget quality: All remaining brands

We guarantee that we can beat any price of any air-conditioner that you find in-store, even if it’s on sale – if you find it cheaper let us know!

Triforce Electrical and Air don’t provide ducted air-conditioning services at this stage. We believe multiple split systems are higher value for money, save you a tonne in running costs and a whole lot more efficiency. However, if ducted air conditioning suits your needs more than split systems, we have partner businesses who specialise in this service and can carry out the work for you.

Residential units should be serviced yearly at the minimum.  Make sure you check the fine print on your warranty certificates, because a lot of companies will not uphold your warranty if you have not serviced your aircon appropriately.

First of all, we test your air-conditioning unit using specific testing equipment, as this tells us how hard your unit is working. We follow this up with a basic service, providing you with a report on any issues we identify and need addressing.

  • Isolator testing – making sure there are no faults at the hub
  • Flush the drains and wet vacuum, so there is no mess
  • Visual check of the outdoor unit (compressor)
  • Condenser and evaporator coil cleaning
  • A thorough visual inspection of the unit
  • Chemical pressure wash and rinse
  • Anti-mould sterilisation
  • Clean all covers
  • Clean all filters

Service costs start at $99, depending on the amount of units installed in your property.

It’s easy to forget that your air-conditioning units need to be serviced on a regular basis. We recommend a 12-monthly service, but if you experience any of the following nine problems, call us ASAP!

  1. Bad or funny smells coming from the unit: If it’s a burning smell please turn the unit off immediately and give us a call. There may be a malfunction and you need new parts, but it’s not safe to leave it powered on.
  2. Visible mould: If you can see mould on the blades or filters of the unit or even behind the filters, it’s time to have a service. Otherwise you will be breathing in toxins, every time you turn it on.
  3. Leaking water: If water is leaking from inside the unit, then there is a blockage somewhere and it needs to be serviced immediately. You may also need new parts depending on the level of damage that the leak may have caused.
  4. Cigarette smoke: Believe it or not, smoking in the house actually leads to the accumulation of tar inside the units. You may need to have your system serviced more regularly if someone smokes inside your home.
  5. Dust or debris build-up: Even if you don’t use your air-conditioning unit often, dust and debris can build-up inside the unit. When you turn the unit on this dust and debris will be sucked inside the unit, resulting in damage. For the long term health of your unit, you need to turn it on for a little while, every now and again, just to prevent a build-up of dust and debris.
  6. Poor efficiency: If the unit is working harder than it should or not cooling the room down effectively you need a service.
  7. Low air flow: If the air flow is diminished or non-existent, this may be a sign it’s time to upgrade your unit rather than having it serviced or repaired.
  8. Weird noises: Unusual noises coming from the unit may indicate that mechanical components have failed and it either needs to be repaired or replaced.
  9. Animals: Geckos, ants, roaches, spiders and insects all love to make homes in air-conditioning units. However, when you turn the unit on, all their mess will be blown around your room and you will breathe it in! This is a very good reason to have your air-conditioning unit properly cleaned and serviced.

Your air-conditioner is probably the hardest working piece of machinery in your home, yet the most neglected. Here are three reasons why you need to service your air-conditioning regularly.

  1. Save money: You spend a fortune on these machines, both in the initial outlay and paying your energy bills. They are a big financial investment, just so you can stay comfortable inside your home. Neglecting their maintenance will ensure a steady decline in the unit’s performance, reduce its lifespan and guarantee a steady increase in power usage.
  2. Improve airflow: Clogged and dirty filters can obstruct airflow, radically reduce efficiency and impair the coil’s heat-absorbing capacity. Replacing a dirty, clogged filter with a clean one can lower your energy consumption by 5% to 15%!
  3. Protect your health: Breathing in dust, dirt and animal waste isn’t good for your health! A well-maintained unit pushes clean air into your home, while a poorly maintained unit pushes out toxins. It’s best to have your air-conditioning unit cleaned regularly.

ARCtick Licence: L114709 AU53510
Triforce Electrical and Air PTY LTD (electrical contractor licence): 83596

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